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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – January 30, 2024

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Sex Workers Call Foul on Harmful, Dangerous ‘Human Trafficking Awareness’ Campaigns

Las Vegas-Sex workers across Nevada are coming together to call foul on the superbowl myth saying that law enforcement agencies routinely use so-called ‘anti-trafficking’ campaigns as an excuse to round-up sex workers, primarily people of color, immigrants and the unhoused during large sporting events.

“Law enforcement, in concert with faith-based rescue groups and anti-trafficking non-profits, are using human trafficking campaigns as an excuse to arrest sex workers trying to make a living”, said Victoria Parra, a Las Vegas-based writer and organizer. “These are not rescue missions, but morality-fueled vice campaigns that devastate the lives of sex workers. This January 11, sex workers are refusing to be exploited by law enforcement and government agencies in order to secure greater publicity and funding for their departments.”

“The media must not be complicit in this campaign of erasure and eradication. Year after year, we see the media report these campaigns based solely on the false information provided by government agencies, law enforcement, anti-trafficking non-profits and faith-based rescue groups, dedicated to eradicating sex work entirely”, said Maxine Doogan of the Erotic Service Providers Legal, Education and Research Project.

Every year, the Super Bowl is used as an excuse to violently arrest sex workers under the guise of anti-trafficking raids. This year, Las Vegas will host Super Bowl LVlll. The  Stop the Raids committee, and our allies will fight back with education rally for the public and the media to disrupt the lies at Allegiant Stadium Monday, Feb. 5th, 2024 4pm

Sex workers demand decriminalization!”


Victoria Parra


Las Vegas Red Umbrella Collective
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Maxine Doogan

Los Angeles

Soma Snakeoil
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Kristen DiAngelo
SWOP Sacramento

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – November 15, 2023

Contact: contact@victoriaparra.com

Victoria Parra, President of International Sex Worker Foundation for Art, Culture, and Education (ISWFACE)

Sex Worker Groups Challenges Media and Law Enforcement Tactics Amid Formula 1 Event

Las Vegas, NV — As the city of Las Vegas prepares to host the upcoming Formula 1 race, a significant sporting event that is expected to attract thousands of visitors, the Stop The Raids urges the local government and law enforcement agencies to reconsider their approach to combating sex trafficking and sex work.

Contrary to popular belief and prevailing media narratives, there is scant evidence to suggest that large sporting events like Formula 1 contribute to a rise in sex trafficking. Studies have debunked this myth, indicating that increases in sex work during these events are often of a consensual nature.

“Rather than protect vulnerable individuals, police stings typically serve to further marginalize sex workers and even arrest sex trafficking victims in the criminal justice system. These sting operations do little to address the root causes of sex trafficking and instead stigmatize and criminalize marginalized populations”, said Maxine Doogan, organizer for the Erotic Service Providers Union

The International Sex Worker Foundation for Art, Culture, and Education (ISWFACE) believes that the financial and human resources spent on these stings would be more effectively used in social welfare programs. “Police stings routinely entrap both sex workers and sex trafficking victims, introducing both groups to the criminal justice system. Resources used to conduct these stings would be better used towards serving the community,” says ISWFACE President Victoria Parra. These programs could include healthcare, housing, and educational services for vulnerable populations, which would contribute to reducing the factors that allow for exploitative situations.

Stop The Raids

Stop The Raids is a coalition of sex worker rights groups who have come together to address the unwarranted targeting of sex workers during large sporting events. ###

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2023 F1 & 2024 Super Bowl Stop The Raids Committee Members

LV Red Umbrella Collective

A grassroots network led by and for sex workers in Las Vegas offering support through mutual aid, community events, and political activism.


Sex Workers and Erotic Service Provider Legal, Educational and Research Project. Peer-led training, organizing, and advocacy for the erotic service community.

International Sex Worker Foundation for Art, Culture and Education